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Transport & Logistics Startup Challenge

Innovation is at the heart of transport and logistics strategies, 10 startup and innovative SMEs have been selected by an expert committee to compete to the "TRANSPORT AND LOGISTICS STARTUP CHALLENGE".

We warmly congratulate our 2016 winner: TAORMINA TECHNOLOGIES CONCEPT

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The previous IWT awards.

IWT awards 2015

Projet : Distri-Seine.
Représenté par : Ferenc SZILAGYI, Groupe CFT, inland waterway operator.

In the framework of e-commerce, the delivery of shops or private individual is made by ro-ro hybrid vessels with electric trucks onboard till Paris downtown. No gas emission neither noise pollution or fine particles.
Each vessel offers a capacity equivalent to 24-30 flatbed lorries, up to 60 small carriers. Electric boats and electric tucks = 100 % virtuous. As handling is not required, it allows a fine network and avoid the use of loading equipments.

IWT awards 2014

Contractors category

Project: LUDEB project (sustainable urban logistics of office equipments)
Represented by: Marc BAZENET, STEELCASE, worldwide leader in office furnitures.

STEELCASE designed and manufactured a 20 cubic meter container to offer a door-to-door service adapted to urban inland waterway logistics of manufactured products. This global service allows to reduce the operators’ numbers and to also create a real value-added logistics upstream and downstream inland waterway transport. For example, a 38m boat can load 20 containers. This service enlarges the inland waterway transport offerto new markets and easily integrates in its supply chain.

Operators category

Project: The Hubs & Spokes Network/LNG Refit project
Represented by: Ben MAELISSA, DANSER GROUP, inland waterway barge operator.

By creating a ʺhub-and-spokesʺ system, a star system, Danser Group creates a multimodal network between maritime and inland waterway ports. This project is due to a local and cross-border maritime mapping, a study of continental goods flows combined with the collection of information on operations between terminal and barge operators. Designed on an existing boat, the LNG Refit allows to refuel in LNG (liquefied natural gas) and to reduce the carbon footprint of this transport mode.

IWT awards 2013

Service providers category

Achievement: SIT’ALTERNATIF (France)
Represented by: Stéphane LONGO, logistics manager.

ʺMy inland waterway recycling centreʺ is the itemization of ʺMy mobile recycling centreʺ created by SITA in 2008 and at the instigation of SYELOM. This new generation of recycling centre resolves the large cities’ problems to set up downtownnew recycling centres. Extended to inland waterway, this service fits into the dense urban communities projects crossed by an inland waterway, and especially in the “Grand Paris” and Paris city.

Project: PROVIRIDIS (France)
Represented by: Eric RONCO, General director.

Our service offers new technologies (motorization…) to the intermodal freight transport chain operators. It allows the use of liquefied natural gas as an alternative fuel to the oil derivatives.

Contractors category

Achievement: KNAUF (belgium)
Represented by: Antoon DESMET

Knauf designs an inland waterway logistics to allow to ship pallets by canals and rivers. The transport cost is at the same level as the one for road transport.

Ahievement: GREEN SUPPLY CHAIN (France)
Represented by: Sébastien LE BALCH, CEO.

It offers to the SMEs and small businesses a solutions for their importations and exportations. It includes the feasibility study of inland waterway transport, the design of inland waterway combined transportchain, the detailed calculation of gas emissions with ecological savings (in Co2 kg and %) and the carbon compensation option in order to get a neutral carbon transport.

IWT awards 2012

Service providers category

Achievement: DP World Intermodal / Beverdonk Container Terminal (Belgium)
Represented by: Dennie LOCKEFEER, General director.

The Beverdonk Container Terminal, which is the firstcontainers« transferium » in Belgium, is the grouping centre of goods coming from hinterland. This is the first terminal that can allows the container transport towards and from the Antwerp port without any specific documents in order to limit the road traffic from and towards the port.

Project: Port Feeder Barge (Germany)
Represented by: Ulrich MALCHOW, General director.

The company has developed the Port feeder Barge concept which is a self-propelled pontoon boat equipped to handle and transport (170 TEU) containers to the hinterland and around the sea ports. The boat’s main component is its large capacity container crane.

Contractors category

Achievement: Franprix Leader Price Holding (France)
Represented by: Reynal MANGARETTO, transport director.

ʺFranprix enters onto the Seine: the first European delivery by the Seine river, from the food goods warehouse located in the Parisian suburbs, to a hundred of local shops located at the Paris heart and through a quay located on the Eiffel tower’s feet.

Project: United Biscuits (Belgium)
Represented by : Nico VAN PEYENBROECK, Northern Europe Logistics and Distribution manager.

The first reefer container to export through Flemish inland waterways to the export maritime ports.

IWT awards 2011

Service providers category

Achievement: Transitainer (France)
Represented by: Patrick NEINDRE, chairman.

For the transport of glass panels on trestles between Salaise-sur-Sanne and Pisa by river-sea vessel.

Project: Overmeer (Pays-Bas)
Represented by: Ton POLLE, General director.

For the design and the innovative operation of small size and new units adapted to the bulk or container transport, which will be used on the small European network.

Contractors category

Achievement: Knauf ISolava (Belgium)
Represented by: Anton DESMET, transport and logistics director.

For the transport and distribution of construction products on pallets by inland waterways and thanks to an embedded handling mode.

Project: Mars (The Dutch subsidiary of the US group)
Represented by:Jolanda VAN DER WIJNGAART, supply chain director.

For the regular continental transport of food products project with 45’ Pallet wide refrigerated containers.