The business event dedicated to innovative inland waterway and multimodal transport solutions

Your B2B Meetings registration includes:

• The opening of your member space on our website.

• Your corporate presentation published in the technical catalogue.

• The participants’ catalogue containing all the corporate presentations.

• Your pre-programmed and individual meeting schedule.

• The logistic support of our team before and during the event.

• Free access to the coffee break area conducive to informal contacts.

• Free access to the conferences.

• The networking lunches on November 9th 2016 with all the participants. (max. 2 people per company for the suppliers and one people for the contractors, € 60 excl. VAT for any additional lunch).

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The concept of the event

Why attend Riverdating?

In contrast to traditional exhibitions, the concept of Riverdating focuses solely on developing new contacts by combining the following benefits: economic participation, built around guaranteed contacts (previously established meeting), targeted and effective (100% of meetings mutually requested and prepared in advance).
The warranty of maximum profitability!

Relevance & effectiveness

Riverdating will involve additional contacts to those present at conventional trade fairs of which new contractors that do not use the inland waterway transport yet.

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How will your meetings be organized?

• Register online
You complete an online form, clearly specifying your skills or needs. One month before the event, your profile will be published in an online catalogue, so that each participant will be able to see what you are offering or what you are looking for.

• Submit your meeting requests
You select and contact the interlocutors you would like to meet, with the possibility of motivating your requests.

• Confirm the requests received
Each participant is able to request meetings with you; you accept or decline their proposals.

• Receive your meeting schedule
5 days before the event, you receive your meeting schedule, which includes the meetings confirmed by both parties and your availability.

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